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No smoke. Why the fire?
Those who are working to improve public health should encourage the use of e-cigarettes and not go out with warnings and bans. So writes The Economist when in March this year published an article on e-cigarettes and how different countries look at this product and its rampage. The electronic cigarettes not only save the lives of their users, but... read more
E-cigarettes should be allowed
Interest in e-cig is increasing in many countries, especially in European countries. But in our dear neighbor, you are not allowed to sell e-cigarettes. Karl Erik Lund believes that it is time that you start to discuss the lifting of the ban. He believes that the new e-cigarette suppliers are a special group, as they stand between the pharmaceut... read more
"E-cigarettes almost completely risk free"
"E-cigarettes are undoubtedly significantly less harmful than regular cigarettes" - says research leader Karl Erik Lund at the Norwegian National Institute for Research of intoxicants (SIRUS). Norwegian NRK interviewed Lund about e-cigarettes and its spread in the north. He says that research now have strong arguments to suggest that e-cigarette... read more